Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! 

This time is exciting and challenging...but don't worry, we are here for you. We have you covered on all the basics and some of the self-care needs. At Ever After Birth we know that the importance of taking care of yourself only increases following birth and that we all need a little help in doing that. Allow us to alleviate that stress with these postpartum classes and workshops.


 A one-hour ‘Breastfeeding After Birth Check-In’ in the comfort of your own home*. Whether you've started out your breastfeeding journey on the right foot and just need some reassurance, or you're walking a more difficult path and need some assistance getting it back on track, she is here to help.  This relaxed, 1.5 hour-long check-in, usually done within the first two weeks after birth, addresses positioning and latching, troubleshooting and solutions for common issues, including for sore nipples, infant behaviour information, and what to expect in the coming weeks as it pertains to your nursing relationship.