It is so important to take care of yourself during pregnancy. These informative classes and interactive workshops will not only assist you in caring for yourself (or pregnant loved one), but will aid your journey in bonding with your baby. EAB classes & workshops are designed to bring both you and your baby together on a deeper level of understanding.

All of the basics of birth, breastfeeding and beyond in this one-day workshop . You will learn what to expect going into labour and how to make the transition from pregnancy to parenthood.

Learn how to best support your loved one physically and emotionally, through her labour and birthing journey. This half day workshop is perfect for first time fathers, mothers of the birthing person or anyone wanting to support a loved one through

Discover what you can expect and how to prepare when you are planning on welcoming your baby at home. Know what to anticipate from your midwife and options on how you can involve older children. and family

Belly Casting/Belly Henna

This pregnancy is unique with its triumphs and challenges. What better way to encase these memories than with a 3D mold of your beautiful womb!

We use the highest grade materials and offer unfinished and painted belly options. Your choice of wall mounted or stand alone.